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2009-05-17 21:33:44 by Logik312

I fuckin hate it dont got time to do shit, thats all =)


Damn what is going on today i paid almost $7 for a pack of cigarettes and i live in a rural area this is messed up, what are the prices for you in your area (please say if your rural, suburb, city, etc)? [also what brand]

this video on cnn at 4 minutes 13 seconds into the video she talks about the tax hike saying that they are trying to force us to quit one way or another.... We'll if they really wanted us to quit why not legalize weed? that would be alot better get rid of the mexican cartels since they would not need to sneak it here or stay in the woods and grow the beauty also would not have all the bad side effects cigarettes have!!!! the tax hike is just bullshit fuck the government.

I have much more to say but im tired of this bullshit and no one will even read this probably so fuck it im done this is bullshit.

How to make chinese chicken

2009-04-01 12:26:29 by Logik312

I just made a flash today called how to make chinese chicken, whether it passes or not i hope you enjoy it. Now i will be working on music and if i got time some nice animation flashes (not super nice with a mouse but still alot nicer then in this movie) any way go and watch it.

hahahahahaha i love newgrounds

2009-04-01 04:15:22 by Logik312

this is awesome i just love reading the things i post they come out so funny anyway have a good april fools day and remember to check the forums for some good laughs. dont forget to check the new flash stuff it makes me laugh so much im going to go and eat now. and remember tom hates newgrounds. just kidding i wanted to read that. so im just typing a bunch of junk. ALL BOW DOWN TO NEWGROUNDS!!!!! this is awesome any way happy april fools day.

Got nothing to do or want to hear some good music then check out Emdee's stuff, add him on myspace


hahahahahaha i love newgrounds

Im very lost

2009-04-01 03:25:22 by Logik312

I have no idea what is going on making htis post was hard enough. ive been busy sleeping the last few days and when i get on here i cant really do anything i am confused, someone please tell me what is going on.

New song by Emdee check it out

2009-03-31 13:41:03 by Logik312

Check out Emdee's new song if you havn't heard it yet there are two place's you can hear it.

Place one is his myspace another is on new grounds

Let him know what you think of it or if you went to the myspace one add im if you'd like or dont do anything.

Also watch out for some new Natural Flow songs to come.

New song by Emdee check it out

Awesome video

2008-06-22 01:46:41 by Logik312

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An awesome video the video is from Emdee check out his site to hear more songs

Working on a Video

2008-05-23 10:00:39 by Logik312

Im working on a music video, i was working on one before, with a song from Natural Flow called "when i wake up", but sadly i got a new pc and forgot to back up the file. So i've decided to work on a shorter song, but sadly i only have a mouse to draw and the audio quality comes out like crap. Oh well maybe it will be passed.

Any way in the mean time...